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Weightlessly, life moves through dark infinity, through a mystical space without threat. The jellyfish dance, which embodies the beauty of nature, appears innocent. And as suddenly as it arises, it becomes vulnerable and physical – life is suffocated by dead matter. Through plastic. Reality.
4.8-12.7 million tons of plastic waste reach our oceans every year[1]. – Where did it come from? Where is it going? What remains?
These and other questions are posed by the short film Watermorphosis. Abstractly staged, based on facts, it forms an image, a feeling, a thought – open to interpretations and dreams.

Premiere | 31.08.2018 | From 8:00 p.m. to 22:30 p.m., every 20 minutes | Square of the Old Synagogue | Freiburg im Breisgau

What can I do myself to keep my environment clean?

  • Avoid plastic bags for vegetables in the supermarket. Most things do not need extra packaging.
  • Use carrier bags instead of plastic bags
  • When you buy plastic products, choose good quality products that last a lifetime at best.
  • Shop at the market or in the zero waste shop
  • Get active and take part in cleanups, e.g. with us at Dreisam Cleanup, or start your own cleanup!
  • Plastic spoon, plastic bag, plastic plate, straws… 5 minutes used and then 500 years in nature? Ask yourself what is really necessary and what makes sense. There are so many great alternatives made of wood, metal, glass, etc.
  • A large part of microplastic comes from our textiles! Find out more on the website of the Deutsche Meeresstiftung. When buying new clothes, make sure that they are completely made of natural materials. For your fleece sweater and other clothes with plastic parts you already have, you can use a special bag for washing.
  • Do it yourself! – Washing powder, dishwashing liquid, making your own soap
  • Show companies that you’ve had enough of the packaging craze and cheap products that pollute the world. Even if it is fundamental that we ourselves begin with change, companies bear a very great responsibility to make a difference. Change must happen at all levels!